With one day to go to the general election I am shocked the parties aren't using social media more to get their message across. I would expect talk of it to be every where I look and it’s not!

This must be the equivalent of the World cup for Politicians? Yet I have only had one friend send me an email from a Political party asking for my support, that he had been asked to forward on. (Orange email if interested : )

I love the dedication of my local Green candidate handing out leaflets outside the train station or Lib Dem candidate at ASDA.

But with the technology available to engage people, I would be aiming to get the highest percentage of votes ever cast on these shores, to happen tomorrow.

Why isn’t social media being used more? You have the potential to touch more people, more times. Even if all you did was search your party and candidates names. RT positives and answer negatives.

Great you have a face book group, but why aren’t you using it more?

Conservatives 84,447 People Like This http://www.facebook.com/conservatives?ref=ts#!/conservatives?ref=ts   Have to google them to get links else where http://www.youtube.com/user/webcameronuk I got a minute into their 1st video and it’d Tony Blair smiling and mentioned Labour 5 times, I can smell the negative messages and stopped watching way before the 9.50 sec message #badchoice.  

Labour38,211 People Like This  http://www.facebook.com/conservatives?ref=ts#!/labourparty?ref=ts   Also advertise…. You can also find us at:


Lib Dems Users:4,734 monthly active users but only f 2,884 fans?? http://www.facebook.com/conservatives?ref=ts#!/apps/application.php?id=2577016717&v=wall&ref=ts but limited use and no engagement.


Are you messaging your fans telling them what great stuff you are doing? Inviting them to share and send little ripples out amongst your supporters friends too?

Set up an event called election and invite your followers.

Gather your supporters and ask them to forward a good message tomorrow encouraging everyone to vote!

Every time someone joins a group, likes an article, writes on your wall (Up to the individual) they could be triggering a notification in ALL their friends on Face book. How many times could that message be sent on again if it’s interesting?


Labour http://twitter.com/UKLabour






Conservatives http://twitter.com/conservatives  





Lib Dems http://twitter.com/libdems





Twitter followers RTing your messages? You answering their concerns (Rally the troop’s god dam it)

Are you following the online forums commenting?  Are your supporter’s blogging? Are you mobilizing them asking them how to spread the message?

What about YouTube (the 2nd biggest search engine)

How many video’s of good stuff going on does your party have? Why aren’t they being passed around as examples of good work? Added on face book, RT’d, dropped into blogs.

Why aren't you using a common #hash tag on all your online stuff so people can find/search for it.

Lib dems are http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23lovedemocracy but may be down to http://twitter.com/davidangell ‘s good work : )

Could still do more!

If some one #hashtags @yourpartyname and search for the wrong spellings too especially the blue party! But these people are your supporters and with some guidance they will do even more for you.

That is just what you could be doing.

But what if you open it up to your supporters, set up a group ask them their main concerns or what they think are your biggest achievement? Think of your best message or better still the one you want the undecided people to be thinking when they get to that ballot box.

Spread it to your supporters and ask them to share what they think is relevant or better still ask them to forward to people they know it will resonate with.

There are still un decided's out there, so go fish where the fish are!

Here are other things that could have been done…

You could have a widget just search #labour #conservatives whatever just showing a constant stream of positives. Make it easy a quick how to add a Party widget to your blog or website. More people will see it, maybe the National Newspapers give a bit of coverage.

A lot of this stuff is free. Twitter do a variety of widgets, that can search whatever you want even so that only one a central account favourite.

Ensure every piece of material you send should have a share me button or a send to a friend link. You can make things so easy to share, that’s what you want isn’t it?

The cleverest thing I’ve seen so far was a mock up of a political ad where you could change the words and then it encouraged you to post to your Facebook profile or blog (which had a link to make your own).

 I’ve also been impressed an Ad for my local MP comes up when I search google maps too (nice touch Ms Greening), but that and 1 e-mail does not make a Political World Cup.

Am I missing something? Are all my friends bar 1 not political?

I do think its great having the TV debates but I think the Political parties have missed a few tricks. Obama had some fantastic idea’s why haven’t you used them?  


Who wants my vote? No one has showed me enough reason that they deserve it yet (I’m not alone)!