I knew I really wanted to get the @FinnAir @QualityHunters Job www.QualityHunters2.com

But I knew I couldn't just SPAM all my friends, followers, family & new people interested in travel.

I found the official twitter account https://twitter.com/#!/qualityhunters

Then searched @QualityHunter thinking I was being clever, as I would discover I came quite late to the race.
@QualityHunter Around The WorldInnovative Account Looking at Applying for Quality Hunter Role at Helsinki Airport - Support the Cause!http://qualityhunters2.com/?page_id=2http://qualityhunters2.com/?page_id=2
After all that promise not one tweet (Yet)I found @QualityHunters2 was available. My profile reads @QualityHunter2 London but hoping for furtherdreaming of joining @QualityHunters 4 @Finnair &@HelsinkiAirport challenge. If you applied tweet me your URL I'd like to read & good luck www.PutneyDan.com