My aim on twitter was to follow and talk to as many people as possible connected or talking about Quality Hunters 2 (I got a bit carried away following anything to do with FinnAir actually). 

But as my profile said...

@QualityHunter2 London but hoping for furtherdreaming of joining @QualityHunters 4 @Finnair &@HelsinkiAirport challenge. If you applied tweet me your URL I'd like to read & good luck

I wanted to read other peoples application to become a Quality Hunter for FinnAir and Helsinki Airport.

I read, liked and try to make a personal remark to every one who applied and mentioned or messaged me.

At one point I had tweeted 3 times more than the official account, though they as a team slowly caught up and went past me. Probably linked to me losing some interest and FinnAir gaining 7 more awesome Quality Hunters.

I was closing on their Klout score until the very end (QualityHunters2 Klout is probably pretty lame now
I knew I really wanted to get the @FinnAir @QualityHunters Job

But I knew I couldn't just SPAM all my friends, followers, family & new people interested in travel.

I found the official twitter account!/qualityhunters

Then searched @QualityHunter thinking I was being clever, as I would discover I came quite late to the race.
@QualityHunter Around The WorldInnovative Account Looking at Applying for Quality Hunter Role at Helsinki Airport - Support the Cause!
After all that promise not one tweet (Yet)I found @QualityHunters2 was available. My profile reads @QualityHunter2 London but hoping for furtherdreaming of joining @QualityHunters 4 @Finnair &@HelsinkiAirport challenge. If you applied tweet me your URL I'd like to read & good luck
My first mistake was assuming 00.00 on 6th October 2011 was midnight on the 6th. (Turns out it was Midnight on the 5th).

I had been hustling hard, all but begging for votes. I had a lot more organised for the last day... that never came. I was preparing the following pictures & was going encourage friends to share & also change their profile picture for the last 24 hours, then to tweet or comment on @FinnAirs facebook page.
My FinnFail in images here

It started with a simple email from my friend @AndrewsJScott sending me and telling me to go for it.... 

I spent an age & many edits to come up with my application here It shows about 50% of what I wrote.

I saw the competition finished at 00.00 on 06/10/11

So I set about rallying the troops...
It;s been a long time since I wrote here.

I started a group on LinkedIn and have been writing there.

You can find me on linkIn here and search groups.

It's called How can we use Social Media for business & goodness in General?

I have also been creating more websites and slowly adding links here. I am most excited about which will be big for me and am already signing clients up!!

Sorry I don't blog more but I am writing alot, just follow the links.......
Here's our full mlove show, a 3d video mapping projection show for the mlove confestival on the castle in Beesenstedt, Germany which demonstrates the level 0of  creativity there : )

Lots of cool people at MLove, particularly like  the talented Alan Moore who shares these goodies on his site

MLoving it  and peoples reactions after the event..... ha ha He described it as a mix between a mobile conference and Burning Man festival.

future cubes

Loving all the new connections, great relationships that will develop into strong friendships starting out from #MLove10 : ) 
I’ve recently been playing with trying to integrate social media into websites/blogs using dragging and dropping their html (which I don’t know how to write or alter) but I managed to create this site (2 days of playing) that I’m quite proud of. just waiting for to go live but have bought the url 

Just because I’m sure Nathan will appreciate how trying to achieve same aim, but approaching it from completely different angles, I was doing this : ) 

Nathan does this …. 

Which after watching your video explaining prettylinks now get and will probably use now too (belt and braces : ) 

Where I managed to integrate twitter, facebook BBC news feeds and you tube content to create a fresh site that although static has “live” content running through it! 

I used weebly a website building kit I adore check out 

HTML & CSS is my blind spot at the mo but I am working on finding an expert, to help branding across all platforms (need to get my ideas down). 

Anyone reading this please feel free to join the group : ) 
here are the Great guys out there branding facebook, youtube etc using html, css & now FBML (Facebook Mark up Language similar to HTML to all intents and purposes here is a grouping of the best stuff I can find and 3+ experts…. 

Starters guide to facebook fan pages 

Here’s Nathan getting excited about FBML (FaceBook Mark up Language I think) it got a lot of negative press but he see’s it as an opportunity. 

Facebook Fan Page: Easy, Quick, Static FBML Facebook Tutorial 

and here’s the services he offers if he does it 

If you still want to do FBML here’s a few more tutorial… 

Oplu BudakMotor Select which Page you wish to add Static FBML to. 
and Click the button add to ur page. 

Must see : Lorraine Siew (Malaysia) wrote : 
Oh and here's the link! 

FBML examples for you here. Image links, text links, etc. 

Hi all. More FBML Examples for ya! 

Another great tutorial 

Neat trick of showing more content if “like” or become a “fan”

Here may be the gravy for me a video about embedding HTML in Facebook ( can’t get it to work yet though : ( 

Facebook HTML boxes (I don’t think on pages)

My LinkedIn social media group 
Best websites mentioned so far : ) 

Also some slides : )

@hootsuite great, live saver now The 1st App I bought & 1st app full stop excellent : ) I hope @hootsuiteuni doesn’t disappoint!


@Seesmic wow great jumps forward, looks good will check out


For @Andy for collaborations


A highly recommended site : )


RT @TechCrunch With 500 Apps Out There, Foursquare Unveils App Gallery, Talks Nabisco Rumors


Cool Job RT @superscout Rummble | Superscout


Cool girl : )


Her cool site


Wow I can make my own I-phone and Android app watch out here comes PutneyDan & PropertyDan can I run my twitter, facebook, youtube, blog etc straight to your phone (Seriously only my mum would buy it : )


Hey @mobileroadie if you’re reading this will you do me a good deal I’m on Android my mum’s on I-phone so need bundle (Sitting here listening to you)


Social listening


Cool sharing widgets great customer service and easy to use #winner


Slides of


@Weebly great FREE website builder my appreciation site here : ) awesome customer service I was a luddite not very long ago!

nice work @weebly just noticed the new blog sidebar new widgets excellent : )

4 Billion smart phones

Android & @HTC rock

i'm going to ask a question looks good#smashsummit (#SmashSummit live at )

thanks @ andrewjscott who just demonstrated @hootsuite 's new sent to email function tres clever! So when @Rummble @4Sq@weebly et al added?

  1. wonders is there enough movement on the Thames to create renewable energy (similar to wave tech)? If not can someone please figure it out :)about 2 hours ago via HootSuite
  2. 117,709,000 facebook audience in USA May 2010 #smashsummitt(#SmashSummit live at )about 2 hours ago via Ustream
  3. 2500 % growth for Facebook in Taiwan (#SmashSummit live at )about 2 hours ago via Ustream
  4. will chatter work with @hootsuite & do you want another tester? (#SmashSummit live at )about 2 hours ago via Ustream
  5. @loic good show & got my interest! @seesmic & @hootsuite 2 great companies good work : ) (#SmashSummit live at )about 2 hours ago via Ustream
  6. @ultimateears please post head phones to London I'll send you wine : ) (#SmashSummit live at )liked the look of oneforty thanks : ) #smashsummit nice work @pistachio (#SmashSummit live at )about 3 hours ago via Ustream