I’ve recently been playing with trying to integrate social media into websites/blogs using http://developers.facebook.com/plugins dragging and dropping their html (which I don’t know how to write or alter) but I managed to create this site (2 days of playing) that I’m quite proud of. 

www.NationalFever.weebly.com just waiting for www.NationalFever.co.uk to go live but have bought the url 

Just because I’m sure Nathan will appreciate how trying to achieve same aim, but approaching it from completely different angles, I was doing this : ) 


Nathan does this …. 


Which after watching your video explaining prettylinks now get and will probably use now too (belt and braces : ) 

Where I managed to integrate twitter, facebook BBC news feeds and you tube content to create a fresh site that although static has “live” content running through it! 

I used weebly a website building kit I adore check outhttp://geolocation.weebly.com/ 

HTML & CSS is my blind spot at the mo but I am working on finding an expert, to help branding across all platforms (need to get my ideas down). 

Anyone reading this please feel free to join the group : ) 
11/08/2012 2:58am

Social media is a great opportunity to make website more valuable.


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